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with Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti & Dave Rox Barbieri

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There’s not a long history behind Room Experience: things are as easy as they always are when things are good. The major idea of Room Experience came up in 2013, when Davide Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) and Pierpaolo Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace) first heard the songs written by Gianluca Firmo and they all together decided to turn many songs into one record, through the production of the duo Barbieri­Monti. The aim was to have all the songs sung by the same singer, but played by different musicians, according to the style and the mood of each song, to drive the listeners through an emotional journey. This is where David Readman came in. What Room Experience is now is an awesome mix of talents:

Gianluca’s songwriting has found its perfect completition in the guitars played by Steve De Biasi, Iván González, Sven Larsson, Stefano Zeni and Nicoletta Tona, the groovy bass parts of Amos Monti and Andrea Gipponi, the mighty sax of Boris Matakovic and the graceful voices of Minna Ora and Aurë, Now the doors to the Room are unlocked, dare to step in, make yourself at home andtry the Experience: you might never wanna leave again. With his amazing talent he can easily shape his outstanding voice around a powerful rocker as around a heartbreaking ballad, delivering the perfect feeling for each song, so thanks to Alessandro Del Vecchio, long time Zorro’s friend and David’s band mate in Voodoo Circle David has been invited to be part of the project.

  • Dave Rox
    & Zorro

    These are the guys behind the production of this record: find out more about their past and future projects as musicians and as producers.

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  • Art
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    The visual side of Room Experience has been created by two stunning artists: Antonella Astori e Barbara HeArt.

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    Keep the site and the Facebook page checked...there will be news and instructions on how to find out some goodies.


  •   The quality standards are so high on all levels, it's a rarity to come by such an album! As for the score, I can't give it anything but 10/10, simply because I can't go any higher! I can, however, say that it's a 10/10 with honors. Excellent work!

  •   ...su belleza musical es comparable a la de cualquier cuadro expuesto en Roma o Florencia

    Viri AOR
  •   One of 2015's highlights, no doubt 'bout that! This is pure, late 80's, high quality AOR stuff at its best. Room Experience is a sensational melodic rock act that invites you to unlock the door and come in to its world, a world that is full of big melodies, emotional and passionate performances but most of all it's a world with amazing songs that are made with heart and soul!

    Heavy Paradise
  •   Giren la llave y entren en el mundo del mejor AOR que se hizo hasta el momento en este 2015

    Rock & Prog
  •   Absolutely recommended!

    Rock Report
  •   Ascoltandolo non aspettatevi il sapore che vi lascia un buon vino invecchiato gustato in solitaria in pieno inverno, perché quello che troverete qui č il sapore di una birra vissuta con gli amici alla fine di un'estate che ha regalato sorrisi, lacrime ed emozioni...

  •   Un trabajo más que notable que viene a demostrarnos que en Italia el AOR está en un momento dulce. Disfrutarlo.

  •   les lignes de chant sont superbes, les guitares joyeuses et intenses, les claviers intelligents et omniprésents, la basse bien ronde et la production excellente

    Metal Integral
  •   Room Experience č senza ombra di dubbio un prodotto fantastico, una ventata di aria fresca all'interno di un settore saturo in cui non č proprio semplicissimo inserirsi, specialmente con questi risultati

    Roxx Zone 3.0
  •   So what do we have? Ill tell you what we have - Room Experience is a melodic rock lovers aural feast

    The Rock Stop
  •   So much for indoors life - a whole world is in there

    Let It Rock
  •   Il risultato č un disco eccellente... sorprendente, vario, accattivante senza essere mai smaccatamente "ruffiano", in cui le melodie sanno essere immediatamente infettive o "subdole", andando a titillare i gangli sensoriali fin dal primo contatto, per soggiogarli definitivamente magari soltanto dopo un ascolto piů esteso e concentrato

  •   Solo me queda indicar que la variedad y la calidad es la etiqueta que estoy seguro darás al disco cuando lo escuches, y verás que a medida que vayas digiriendo las canciones y el tiempo pase oyéndolo, sabrás que estás frente a un enorme y muy trabajado gran disco

    Rock Angels
  •   This may be only the debut album from Room Experience but i definitely look forward to a second album

  •   classifico a Room Experience como uma das melhores surpresas de 2015...